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Consumer Protection

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Consumer Protection

Kaliel PLLC is a leader in high-stakes plaintiffs’ consumer class action litigation. Our attorneys have prosecuted dozens of class actions, and have secured over hundreds of millions of dollars for their clients in settlements and verdicts.


Our attorneys are known for securing multimillion dollar settlements against the most formidable of opponents. Kaliel PLLC represents individuals in class actions involving consumer fraud, false advertising, unfair and deceptive practices, overdraft fees, financial fraud, credit card fees, military lending, insurance fraud, predatory lending, and the Telephone Consumer Protection Act


If you see something, do something. Today, the power of banks and corporations over Americans is at the highest it’s ever been.  It’s not good enough just to complain, send an angry letter, or post about your frustration on social media. Take action in court. Litigation levels the playing field, and helps average citizens affect change directly.

The next time you feel taken advantage of by a bank or a corporation, let us know.  The biggest changes start when consumers like you realize something is not right. When you see injustice, you have the power not just to say something, but to do something. 

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